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COVID-19 Update

Dear Customer


The management of Yoga Goodies want to reach out and provide you with an explanation to the recent shipping delays  some of our customers have experienced. We am are fully aware that some of the orders are experiencing more delays in packages than we originally anticipated. We  want to use this message to be fully transparent with you on what is causing this delay and then offer you a choice on how we can work together to  resolve this issue. Our priority is customer satisfaction and we want to make things right.  


What happened due  to COVID‐19 is that  shipping from some of  our global supply centers  has been often delayed due to  the reliance on passenger planes.  We leverage dedicated logistics for  all our customers for shipping speeds  much faster than your stereotypical businesses  that rely on global manufacturing. Although Australia Post is doing an incredible job in making sure all the orders are been delivered to the recipient no matter the hardships they also have  been experiencing large delays due to COVID‐19, when processing large volumes of parcels, As a result, we are experiencing additional delays between 5‐12 days across all our shipments. 


We can fully understand  how you must feel as a  customer when you packages are been delayed. Therefore I  want to formally apologize for this and offer you two  options going forward. 


  1. I will  give you  an additional  10% off your order  to help compensate for  the delayed arrival.  


  1. You will  have a guaranteed  refund the moment you  receive the item, no questions  asked, as an apology for our delay.  


Additionally now we are offering free shipping across the website because we believe it would be unfair to make our customers pay for postage during such a crisis. 


We understand that sometimes these options  might not be what you are expecting. But rest assured that Yoga Goodies team is doing their very best to make sure that you get your packages as soon as possible, as  we are trying to navigate the uncertainties presented by this global pandemic. Please let me know your choice going forward we will act quickly to process  your discounts/refunds. Thank you for being a part of the Yoga Goodies Family. Please stay safe and well during this crisis.


Best Regards,

Yoga Goodies Team.