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Top 8 benefits from doing Hot Yoga

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Hot yoga is a trending style in modern yoga. Hot Yoga is basically practicing yoga in a heated room, where the heat set up to be usually around 27°C -38°C (95-100 Fahrenheit). This kind of exercise gives off a lot of perspiration during a session because you are stuck in a heated room. For some, a heated environment can make the practice of yoga a bit more challenging, but the benefits Hot Yoga provides might be worth it. Following are 8 benefits of practicing Hot Yoga. 


1) Become more flexible

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    Since heat makes muscles more malleable, increasing the room's temperature speeds up the stretching process and enables you to extend your poses' depth and range of motion. Your muscles will have an easier time stretching in the warmer environment.

    2) Increase lung capacity

    Hot Yoga will teach your lungs to hold more air when you're breathing in hot air. Your lungs will have to expand more than they would with regular breathing because hot yoga will force you to breathe deeply. More oxygen can now enter your body as a result.

    3) Cardiovascular boost

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      Yoga is a more difficult activity to perform in a hot environment than it is in a cool one. As a result, it puts additional strain on your heart, lungs, and muscles, enhancing your body's cardiovascular system. Hot yoga therefore increases both your respiration and metabolism.

      4) Detoxify the body

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        You will inevitably sweat more than normal in Hot Yoga due to the heat and higher energy levels. The more you sweat, the more toxins you expel, which helps to detoxify your body. To make up for the water you lose during a hot yoga session, it's crucial to hydrate yourself afterwards.

        5) Improve mindfulness

          When we are stepping into a Hot Yoga room it's encouraged to become more aware of our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations.

          6) Reduce depression

            Although hot yoga is practised in a heated environment and you will first sweat, it is a tried-and-true way to unwind and elevate your mood. The key to relaxation and stress release, which help you battle depression, is working out in a heated environment that causes you to breathe more deeply.

             7) Nourishes and glow skin

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              Hot yoga will increase your heart rate and thus your circulation. Increased circulation brings more blood cells and oxygen into contact with the skin. This will give your skin a natural glow.


              5 Important tips when practising hot yoga.

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                1. When doing the hot yoga, you should have some accessories like your yoga mat and towel. Since you will be sweating severely, you should have something to wipe up your sweat every other time. 
                2. If you are going to practice hot yoga, you should be ready with your clothing. The clothes you should wear should be appropriate. You can wear shorts during the session. Wearing of shorts allows your skin to breathe and give off heat. Do not wear very thick clothes because it causes them to sweat more and become very uncomfortable.
                3. If you are taking hot yoga sessions, make sure that you drink a lot of water. Bring along your own bottle of water so that you can drink anytime you want.
                4. Before having a hot yoga session, you should take note that it is not advisable to eat two hours before the class starts. This is because your body is opt for a heavy exercise.
                5. People who want to be slim can practice this type of yoga because their fats and cholesterol will be burned through sweat. 
              Now that you have learned about benefits and tips practicing Hot yoga, you can think of taking the challenge and see if it satisfies your desired to release your sweat and excess toxins. Remember that in doing hot yoga, all your energy is taken away. If your body has not a single energy to waste, then hot yoga is not the perfect yoga style for you.

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